Photoshop is a high quality program that allows users to edit images. Photoshop has many other capabilities but is better known for its image editing process. It is a program that gives users at home the same opportunity as a professional photographer because almost every advertisement seen in the media as in on television, internet, or magazine has been edited using a form of a photo editing program. This gives people the freedom to morph or edit any picture whether personal or for public use which can lead to much controversy. It is different then other editing programs because of its layering technique allowing multiple images to be combined. There are images that have been created by Photoshop users that have been used in our culture whether it is to criticize or publicize a certain view or person. There are instances in which a personal Photo shopped picture has reached the public and been publicized because people enjoy seeing new creativity and individuals thoughts as well as their creativity. For example the Howard Dean controversy, the use of Photoshop and sound bite editing gave internet users the ability to ruin a political candidate. Making parodies and spoofs of Dean yelling at little kittens and holding a gun in an actual Vietnamese event led to the downfall of Deans running for President. Apart from some of the downsides to people using Photoshop it can actually be an empowering tool used to benefit marketing strategies such as in Obama’s campaign.
There are many websites that like to expose the use of photoshop to avoid the manipulation of the media. Websites such as and show real pictures used in magazines that were obviously photoshopped with the before and after picture of a celebrity.