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Netflixis an online DVD and Blu-ray rental service that offers customers the ability to rent and view movies and a fixed monthly price. Netflix was founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Hastings, previously a math teacher, and CEO of Pure Software came up with the idea after being charged for extraneous late fees.(3) The company was founded in Scotts Valley, California, and the main warehouse is in Silicon Valley, California. Netflixstarted out its business by capitalizing on the newly found technology of the DVD. Hastings objected the idea of having to mail out such bulky items like the VHS tape, and turned to the DVD. In April of 1999 Netflixoffered its original service of a pay per rent fee and charged for each rental. In the following year of Netflix switched to a monthly fee where customers could rent unlimited DVDs for one payment.

According to the company presently has 50 different warehouses where DVDs are stored. The warehouses contain about 26 million DVDs and about 100,000 different titles. Netflix on an average mails close to 1.9 million DVDs a day to 10 million different subscribers. It is estimated that Netflix pays about $300 million in postage each year. However it also makes about $688 million a year.(1)

The way Netflix works is that it charges customers a onetime monthly fee to rent as many DVDs they want for one month. After a customer signs up with a Netflix account they can put movies in their queue to be delivered to their homes. Once they have finished with the movie they mail it back with free shipping, customers are never charged with any kind of late fees.(2)The plans start out at $8.99 a month and go up to $16.99 a month. The difference in plans is the number of DVDs that can be mailed out at once. Netflixhas also introduced instant queue. This allows customers to view over 17,000 different movies and TV shows instantly on their PC or other devices.

Netflix has joined with other companies to help expand their business. Netflix can now be viewed on many other devices than just a DVD player and a PC. In November of 2008 Netflix joined with XBOX 360 to allow customers to watch movies instantly off of their console. After the deal is up with XBOX 360 Netflix plans to branch out to the Wii, Playstation 3, iphone, and ipod touch.Netflix can also be streamed to select Samsung Blu-ray players, and to Tivo DVRs. In May of 2008 a set-top-box was released by Roku that lets customers viewNetflix without any other type of hardware but a TV.

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