According to the National Association of Broadcasters website, “The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is a trade association representing the interests of for-profit, over-the-air radio and television broadcasters in the United States.” The NAB represents almost all of the major stations of radio and television. In total, the NAB represents more than 8,300 of these television and radio stations as well as other broadcast networks.
The current president and CEO of the NAB is Gordon Smith. He is a former United States Senator, and he has only been serving as president of the NAB since November 1, 2009. The NAB does a lot of important work for television, radio, and broadcasting including representing them in front of Congress, the FCC, and the major courts. (1)
NAB Show
The National Association of Broadcasters has an annual spring convention. It is called the NAB Show. This convention draws a great number of people in the industry. There are typically over 100,000 people in attendance. This NAB Show is the world’s largest digital media industry event. Among the people in attendance are leading media entertainment and communications professionals. All of whom share the same desire to promote the next generation of video and audio content across many different platforms. (2)

NAB Radio Show
Another annual event put on by the National Association of Broadcasters is the NAB Radio Show. This event promotes the NAB and helps connect all of the leading professionals of the radio industry in sharing their passion for the next generation of media. (3)