In George Landlow’s “Hypertext as Collage Writing” he discusses the new medium of hypertext writing. Hypertext is a new technology where printed works can be downloaded and put on a database making them readable on the computer{1}. One of the authors mentioned is Nathan Marsh and his work “Breath of Sighs and Falling Forever”.

This work in particular is in the category of hypertext fiction, which is a genre of electronic literature. What makes this new way of literature so interesting is the fact that the reader is able to be interactive with the text. The authors of these hypertext fictions are able to collage different pieces of the literature together giving the reader the ability to choose how the story is read, making literature non-linear.

In "Breathe of Sighs and Falling Forever" Marsh plays with the ambiguity of whether the text is real or figurative. As explained in “Hypertext as Collage Writing” readers have difficulties telling if the characters are going through an earthquake, a drug reaction, or an illumination. Readers are encountered with images and sounds that represent what the main characters are going through or feeling. This makes what's figurative and what's real hard to decipher because it isnt read like a book, it's non-linear.

Nathan Marsh fills his work with lexia, which are blocks of words, moving or static images or sounds{1}. “Breathe of Sighs and Falling Forever” is probably known for his constant “Clang!” sound. Throughout the reading experience the word “CLANG!” pops upon the screen in an eighty-point font along with a fitting sound. Each time there is a “Clang!” there is a new meaning to represent the word in the story.

1 Hypertext as Collage Writing