What is media culture? Culture is mainly used as tool of cultural norms, standards, and practices for its production and use. Different people use the same objects in different ways. For instance China developed the use of gunpowder many years before the United States. China used the powder to make fireworks to illuminate the sky during their celebrations, on the other side of the spectrum the United States started using the same item for weapons. This one item is used for two very different purposes and it is all because of the magnitude of cultural demand. Culture changes in many ways some being geographical locations, political parties, economy, race, gender, and many more.

How do we use media? This is such a simple question with a complex answer, because media consumes our lives. Whether we choose to agree or disagree our culture involves media in every aspect of daily routines. When waken up in the morning most citizens use a phone as an alarm, while others might use a laptop, or another form of media. Today possibilities are endless by being able to take our music where ever we please. It falls in line with the phrase, “the sky is the limit” We are a generation of we want it, and we want it now! It might seem to some that so many people are obtaining exactly what is wanted that levels of compromise are declining. Access to media is changing our culture in more ways that can be counted. One main change, is that the United States has become in a large part a service relaying country, many factories have closed to that we can become freely able to pass information back and forth.
Relationships are widely effected by media in the sense that it is rare to pick a phone to use speak to the person on the opposite end of the line. Text messaging has become the mainstream way of communicating what you need to say, without wasting precious time talking. Another great way of communication is by instant messaging on the World Wide Web. Many work places now use AOL IM to relay messages in a fast and efficient manner without ever having to open their mouths or move from their desks. Time = Money.

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Media Convergence in class notes.

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