Mark Bernstein
Mark Bernstein graduated from Swarthmore College and continued on to receive his PH.D. from Harvard University in physical chemistry. Bernstein is now the "chief of science at Eastgate Systems, Inc." (1). Bernstein has played a significant role in many fiction and nonfiction hypertext as we know it today. He designed Tinderbox, which is "a content assistant making, analyzing, and sharing notes" (2) through hypertext. He also managed the making of Storyspace. A software program through Eastgate Systems. Bernstein is active with the ACM Hypertext Conference program committee. He has served twice as the program co-chair and one year as the keynote speaker at the conference. In 2008, his position was " program chair of WikkiSym '08 the 4th ACM Symposium on Wiki" (3). Currently, Bernstein's research interest is nobility hypertext, which is "notes we write to ourselves" (2). Along with his contributions to the hypertext community, he also has written a few books. He wrote Tinderbox. This book explains why and how Tinderbox, the hypertext he designed, works "in business, research, and writing" (3). Another book he has written is The Tinderbox Way. A book he co-wrote with Diana Creco is Reading Hypertext. The book explains why hyper text works and explains that "the link is the most important development in writing since the comma" (2).

Mark Bernstein has played an important role in how
hypertext has developed over the years, he believes it will continue to grow and become more complex.

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