Knowledge Communities
There are tons of people all over the world that are involved in Knowledge communities. It is a way to receive and learn new information while at the same time can serve as a great resource to others who are not as informed. According to Etienne Wenger, who wrote //A Guide to Managing Knowldege//, knowledge communities are on a basis of “…groups of people who share a concern, set of problems, or passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis”. In other words, Knowledge communities bring people together through cyber space. They allow for people to express their opinions without keeping the traditional definition of what a community actually is. I believe that the internet has redefined what a community is and all sorts of people take full advantage of it. The demographics of a knowledge community would be hard to define because there are so many different forms of what it can be. They give a sense of virtually being able to escape a physical body and helping others without credentials to express their opinion. Communities open a way of measuring knowledge while at the same time giving the ones who are in it for entertainment their dose too.
There are many examples of what a knowledge community is whether it is dealing with a television show, political views, or even gaming. I chose Abc New’s website, where people can write their own blogs on news events and really whatever they wish that is posted within the ABC website. One article I specifically read that is about Patrick Swayze and his battle with cancer. While in my opinion most of the comments are clearly based on opinion and have no real matter to the original article, some users enjoy being able to just put their opinion out there no matter if it is relevant or not. Even though you don’t have to be a member of the ABC news website in order to be able to post a comment, it gives others a chance to express how they feel with the self reassurance that their opinion matters.
Another example of a Knowledge Community is the worldwide sensation Facebook. Whether you are pro or anti-Facebook it is hard for people to deny that it exists. Facebook is a community in which I feel can be more intimate and close as opposed to a usual blog website. Facebook is a website in which most can put a face with the person, as well as learn what their interests, favorite music, favorite quotes, and their current or past status. Although there are privacies whether people choose to use them or not is their own decision. Facebook is a place where advertisements exist as well as “groups” to join, giving the user a niche to fit in and a since of a community to belong to.