Film Hypertext-The cinematic application of hypertext features in films, therein the art form of the feature can incorporate the elements of hypertext fiction. In these films there is a link within the action taking place but the film possess distinguishing “artsy” characteristics meaning they do not parallel mainstream films that majorly use “normal” film elements such as linear time progression , set (unchanging) characters, and definite beginning middle and conclusion . Some of the attributes of hypertext film can include (but are not limited to):
1. Broken chronology ,
2. Blurred borders,
3. surreal imagery
4. Multiple narratives

To understand the use of these features a brief list of films and their hypertext attributes is provided below.

1. Broken Chronology-Pulp Fiction
In this film the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Pulp fiction ties together the stories of many characters and their interactions in broken chapters where each segment is a small piece of the movie. The character’s fate and their personal role are put into focus until the end of the film. The effect gives a more holistic feel to the story incorporating such a large cast. Although the fragmentation can seem off-putting, at first, using the broken timeline we can clearly see the details of character motivation and are given the opportunity to better experience the substance of the film.

2. Blurred borders-Brazil
The boring bureaucratic life of Sam Lowry is constantly interrupted by fantastic daydreams in the Terry Gilliam film, Brazil. In this film the main character’s daydreams monopolize his focus in order to fend off the mundane world he is forced to endure. This existence becomes problematic when Sam’s fractured concept of reality becomes deluded to the point where he cannot distinguish his fantasies from real life.

3. Surreal Imagery- Paprika
Paprika is the hero of your dreams, literally. Paprika focuses on a plot by an ominous unseen entity that attempts to corrupt and control all of humanity’s dreams. The film mostly takes place in the realm of dreams where the titular character (an alternate persona of a therapist) helps people understand their dreams and thereby resolve their problems in waking life. Because of the setting of the film is so dedicated to dreams, the surreal imagery comprises a majority of the plot. Many scenes are filled with living dolls, mythic heroes, and other dream images. The effect this has on the film is a profound question of where the boundary between dreams and waking life is and how one’s dreams affect their reality.
4Multiple Narrative-Waking Life
This film does not posses a singular voice; instead it is comprised of various testimonials of random people throughout the film the viewer is preached to by the individuals on topics ranging from the collective consciousness of the human race to the best way to torture a police officer. These narratives may seem disjunctive but if the audience pays close enough attention the common link between all the characters is an interest in the human condition.