Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold is a critic, writer, and teacher who specializes on the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media, for example the Internet, mobile telephony. Another example is “virtual communities” which Rheingold can be credited for inventing the term.
Rheingold was born on July, 7 1947 in Phoenix, Arizona. From 1964-1968 he attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon. His fascination with mind altering and its methods brought Rheingold to the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Xeron PARC. While he was at the institute he wrote about the earliest personal computers, which led to the writing Tools for Thought in 1985. After being a coauthor and editing a couple more works Rheingold served as editor for the Millennium Whole Earth Catalog. Shortly after getting this title he was hired on as founding executive editor of Hotwired, which was one of the first commercial content websites published in 1994 by Wired magazine. But in 1996 Rheingold left Hotwired and founded Electric Minds to chronicle and promote the growth of community online. His next virtual community was Brainstorm. He created it in 1998 to be a community of knowledgeable, intellectual, civil, and future thinking adults. In 2002 Rheingold wrote Smart Mobs, which explored the potential for technology to argument collective intelligence. In 2008 he became the first research fellow at the Institute for the Future.
Rheingold is a visiting lecturer at Stanford University’s Department of Communication. There he teaches two courses, “Digital Journalism”, and “Virtual Communities and Social Media”[1].

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