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Home video has evolved thoroughly through the years as technology has become smarter. Since the 1970’s, families have brought more televisions to their households to further the enjoyment of watching TV. The average television per household has grown from 2 and below to now 2.8 in 2007. There has been a huge increase in reception with media companies making billions on direct costs (subscriptions and sales) or indirect costs (advertising). The advancements in technology have made home video more useful and enjoyable for the common user or the work related people who have an occupation that requires the freedom that home video gives.
In the 1970’s VCRs came into the consumer eye. This was a new idea and piece of technology. A machine that played video cassettes and also could record and playback. The record and playback function was the hit with VCRs. It spawned a court case where Universal sued Sony for the right to protect its content. Sony won the case because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the VCR’s record and playback capability was a function.
The video editing aspect of home video cameras and computers has been a new craze in the home video field. People can now put a video through their own customization and create home videos for the family. Using editing and graphics the user can really grab a hold of the art and customization process to create the perfect home video for their memories. DVR’s or Digital Video Recorders have also become big in the home video field. In late 2007, 17.3% of U.S. Households were using DVR’s. Carmel Group predicts that number will rise to 50% by 2010 and the revenue from that will rise from 1.1 Billion to 5.5 Billion. The further advancements in home video have also made some areas suffer.
DVD sales have suffered with the new trend of online sales. Mail subscriptions have helped DVD sales as it has cut the effort and trouble out to the process. DVD players are now common and have helped to decrease the DVD rental business. In the early 1990’s, DVD’s were introduced and in 1997, the DVD player was introduced. The DVD player was a huge technological advancement for the home video world. The DVD player was much more popular than the VCR that had been around for a number of years. DVD’s were the new thing, so the player was the next logical step. Blu Ray has now come to the forefront as the next big thing. Blu Ray is the name of a next generation optical disk format that is able to rewrite, record, and playback of High Definition programming, as well as storage of these programs. The Blu Ray players have also increased profit for the home video field, with its new look and stated higher quality picture and movie watching capability it has been a favorite piece of hardware to buy for most citizens.