In 1988 Thomas Edison invented the first motion picture camera. By the 1900’s, 600 Nickelodeons, a simple movie player, had been sold. They played simple black and white films, such as horse races. Finally by 1915 filmmakers began to put dialog into titles on the screen so that sequences were possible and the film and narration would be more complex.
D.W. Griffith created a controversial drama in 1915 called Birth of a Nation. This movie was made to promote white supremacy and positively portray the Klu Klux Klan. This is widely considered to be one of the first modern, narrative films employing montage to tell a [[#_msocom_1|[ASU1]]] .

1927 was when [[#_msocom_2|[ASU2]]] were introduced. This ended “The Golden Age” of silent movies. This became possible in the film “The Jazz Singer.” Although talkies influenced movie goers more than ever, the peak of the masses was right after World War II. Around 90 million people went to movies every week.
The film industry was struck with a severe blow when television was created in 1948. The government told studios to leave at least one part of the film business which lead to United States v. Paramount Pictures. Towards 1968 MPAA movie ratings were introduced. Films were always pushing the limits and something had to be done about it.
Released in1977, Star Wars was dubbed the first big blockbuster, new effects were established and movie prices started to increase. Not until 1995 did a major release computer generate film occur, the name was Toy Story. This was the first time no one had to draw each frame of animation. From there came Titanic in 1997 which was the highest grossing film of all time. Also in 1997 DVDs were introduced. Finally in 1999 Netflix came out with the first flat rate DVD rental plan. This grabbed many buyers attention, there were no late fees and it was one flat rate unlike many other movie rental places before.

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