1. Fanfiction
2. Ships

Fanfiction is when a fan writes their own stories that originate from a spin off piece. These fans are not the original author. These fan fiction stories are hardly ever published and usually read by common fans. Fan fiction, therefore, is defined by being both related to its subject's canonical fictional universe and simultaneously existing outside the canon of that universe. (1)
Fan Fiction has been going on since the 17th century, back when Don Quixote was written. For instance a fraudulent sequel to the first volume of Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote (1605) was written. In the 59th chapter of the second volume of Don Quixote (1615), Cervantes mocks the spurious book. (3)
In the digital media age, fan fiction has evolved in to something more than written stories on paper. There are numerous web sites you can go to post your fan fiction or read others’ stories. These are often called Fanzines.
One of the websites that you can visit is Here you can browse or search through a verity of post or even create your own story line.
Many fans put their own fanzines together to continue the story line after a television show has finished. For example fans of the TV show Lost. They would continue to write and even kill off who they wanted to. Anyone can do it and there is no proper way of putting together a fanzine. And the great thing about them is that there are so many websites where you can go and view theses fanzines. Now these stories can be pulled from a variety of sources such as novels, TV series, and movies. So there is a wide variety of ways a fan author can go when creating a story.
In these fanzines you can make the character pretty much do whatever you want and lead them on a path of your choice. It is said that many people might kill of a character that didn’t die in the original or make them have sex which is called lemon. (1) It has caused controversy because some stories can be very explicit.
The fanzines may only be about a 100 words and poorly written, but there are some that are faithful to the original piece and feature high quality writing.
There has been a lot of controversy between if it is right or wrong to allow people to write these fan fictions. Many people have tried to sue people and their ideas when it comes to fan fiction. But a lot of people support the idea of changing up the story line and seeing their favorite characters through a different light.


Ships, short for Relationships, is a term used in fanfiction when referring to romantic relationships. Different relationships are referenced by combining the names of those involved. Ships consist of romances stated in the original work, hinted at, and those that the fans see even if there is no evidence. The fans of ships, or “Shippers,” are fans of ships that exist, may exist, that the fans would like to exist. This last sometimes consists of fans who state a ship exists even when there is no real evidence supporting it and others don’t see it.

When an author writes a fanfic their personal tastes in ships can be a dominant element in the story. Because of this the ship or ships in a fanfic are often mentioned in the summary and some sites will include ships in their organizing and searching systems.