In today’s society we strive to converge all of our internet social experiences into one place. One of today’s leaders in this field is the all popular Facebook. This website has allowed many people to keep in contact with each other, socialize, and document many aspects of your life.
Just to put into perspective how big this internet community boasts an astounding three hundred million active users. This would be the equivalent of Cowboys stadium selling every ticket for the next 3000 games. At any given day 50 percent of all users log in to facebook and the fastest growing demographic to use this social tool is the 35 years and older.
With so many people using facebook how much time do users spend engaged in facebook and how are this many people using Facebook to be socially active? Facebooks about page states that the average time spent on the website is 6 billion minuets per day. Users engage in uploading more than 2 Billion photos each month, 14 million videos uploaded monthly, and the 40 million statuses updates each day.
I think that Facebook could be called the number one social site in America; will we begin to use this social website and fade face to face interaction?