The Man, The Mystery, The Legend
In short, Dr. Eric Jenkins is nothing short of one of the coolest professors of all time. His clever and witty remarks on pop culture, academia, and even during friendly banter is nothing short of epic.
Stuff he's done
According to, Dr. Eric Jenkins said he is "encouraging his public speaking students to become engaged citizens by taking the coursework outside of the classroom. When you get them out of class, students care more. The classroom seems artificial; this is more real to them."
Q & A:
How awesome is that? Who does that? My answer: No one. Because no one is as cool as Dr. Eric Jenkins. No one. Dr. Eric Jenkins is so awesome, he can divide by zero. The man can actually lick his own elbow.
Instructions and Advice
When Dr. Jenkins speaks, everyone should listen. It's that important. He would tell you to "take notes", but if you have to take notes to remember what he says, you fail and should immediately seek therapy.

P.S.- I think I've got something on my nose, but it's ok. It was a good semester and "Dr. J" needs to know he did a good job.