DIGITAL RADIO Digital radio is becoming a popular form of broadcasting. This is often seen as a pattern following the trend set by digital television. Many Americans will soon have access to digital radio as a result of initiative taken by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Digital radio consists of transmitting and receiving sounds produced by technology. This is very similar to the sounds produced by compact disc players. The main difference between digital radio and analog radio is that digital radio processes sounds into digits, or patterns of numbers, as opposed to processing sounds into patterns of electrical signals similar to sound waves like analog radio does.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chose in-band, on-channel (IBOC) technology as the method for AM and FM broadcasters to practice for digital radio broadcasting in 2002. The whole transition from analog to digital radio may bring big changes as a result of broadcasters having to purchase new equipment. There is a “hybrid” mode that broadcasters go through during the transition to digital radio. Broadcasting with the same programming using both analog and digital signals with an AM or FM channel will take place during the transition as well. A great number of FM broadcasters are offering a larger amount of digital channels. Radio broadcasters have not yet been fully required to convert to digital broadcasting.
​ There are many advantages for listeners when it comes to digital radio. The overall quality of audio will be much better with digital radio. There will be many new services available to listeners. They will have multiple audio programming channels, audio-on-demand services and different interactive features. Radio designs will also be more enhanced. It makes it simple to choose the station you are looking for. It is made easy to key in your selection by letters or names displayed on the digital radio liquid crystal display (LCD) and the computer within the radio will take care of the rest. The digital operations may provide the services to introduce new data and information on the display screen to be read by the listener. There can be different advantages for artists such as displaying information about them on the screen. This is also a great opportunity for advertisement. It would be possible for one to program their radios to keep them updated with weather reports, news, stock quotes and so forth.