CB RadioThe Citizens Band Radio was created in 1945 by Al Gross who also invented the walkie talkie and founded the Citizens Radio Corp. Citizen Band Radio has been around and used by many this 11 meter Citizens band radio took off thanks to the blue collar working class. Each person found the use of this radio specific to their field of work and many used it after business hours for entertainment purposes. During the sixties the cost of a CB radio went down due to the solid state technology growing. With the expansion of the technology the use also grew into general public use more so than before. Many CB clubs were formed and a special language was formed that became known as the 10 code system that allowed people to communicate in short hand and secretly.
In 1969 channel 9 became designated as the “emergency channel” and due to interference the common highway travel channel was moved from channel 10 to channel 19 where it remains today as the most common used channel for talking on the road. During the 1970’s and 1980’s Citizens Band Radio became a trend much like today’s trend of text messaging. These radios allowed for friendships to develop many under nick names or commonly referred to as “handles”.
Todays the use of CB radios remains popular among long haul drivers and the primary means for these radios is to communicate information such as directions, traffic problems, and other things of importance. The business use for CB radios has faded and has become more of a hobby for users to indulge in.
Some credit must me be given to Hollywood who has made the Citizens Band Radio even more famous than it would have been. You can see the CB radio in action in movies such as Smokey and the Bandit where both the protagonist and antagonist in the movie use this device to plot against each other and communicate with their partners. Another movie and series that made the CB famous was The Dukes of Hazzard. The CB radio was used to fool local law enforcement so that the Duke boys were able to get away with doing something illegal by calling for support of their buddies on the CB. Even though the practically of the CB Radio has fallen and has become a piece of technology no longer in the leading edge it still remains one of the greatest milestones in communication history and provides many with a very fun hobby.