Advertising has existed for a long time. In 1455 the Printing Press was introduced in Europe. In America the first classified ad was published in 1704 in the Boston News-Letter. Not until 1833 did Benjamin Day’s New York Sun create the idea of mass circulation newspapers, otherwise known as the Penny Press because newspapers were sold for only a penny. From this came the first advertising agency in 1849. It represented 1300 newspapers and was named Palmer for its founder Volney B. Palmer. In 1926 radio picked up on the idea [[#_msocom_1|[ASU1]]] Since radio could not show pictures of their advertisements, TV soon outdid radio in 1948. In the 1960’s television had its first 30 to 60 second advertising commercials. By the end of the twentieth centaury advertisements were in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and billboards. Later on in 1994, the Internet grabbed hold of advertising. They were quick to make internet banners and place them on different websites. As the internet grew, so did social networking sites like These sites gave advertising companies target audiences for their advertisements. Search engines also were becoming popular. In 2006[[#_msocom_2|[ASU2]]] became the number one advertising vehicle in the world. Finally by 2007 “Facebook” users rebelled against advertisement methods. Some users were concerned about privacy, [[#_msocom_3|[ASU3]]] Beacon is a controversial online ad system. This system was a controversial because it reported back to Facebook on its members’ activities on third-party sites that participated in Beacon even if the Facebook users were logged off from Facebook and had declined having their activities broadcast to their online Facebook friends.

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