There have been many advances in advertising throughout the years. Advertising used to be as simple as newspaper ads and outdoor billboards. Now it is very common to encounter countless forms of advertising throughout your everyday life. Advertisers can reach their targeted audiences through a large variety of media.

It is easy for an advertiser to reach a specific audience in a special way through today’s technology. Television commercials are a main source of advertisement. By using this source of media, advertisers can influence a specific type of audience depending on the television station they are planning to air their commercials on. Some common examples may be:
-Advertising a certain toy during popular shows for children of that specific age group.
-Advertising different beauty products, cleaning and cleaning products during daytime television that is most likely watching by those that stay home during the day.

Advertising on websites is a very common form of advertisement. Advertisers can reach their consumer by targeting an audience. Many times, the different websites being used for advertising certain products or services have a strong relationship. Here are some examples:
-Advertising upcoming feature films that are going to hit the big screen soon on Facebook.
-Advertising scrapbooking supplies and technique kits on websites such as Photobucket.

The many advances in technology have helped advertisers reach their consumers in a number of ways. This helps marketing efforts become as effective as possible.