Wikicommedia is a wiki containing information about communication media. The wiki is constructed, updated, and maintained by the students of Dr. Eric S. Jenkins, assistant professor of communication at Angelo State University. The project is ongoing and will be updated regularly. Our intention is to create a central location for information about communication media such as television, radio, cinema, the Internet, video games, blogs, iPods, mobile devices, cellular phones, satellites, virtual reality, photoshop, digital audio and video media production software, and more. Additionally, the wiki will cover crucial concepts in the study of communication media such as digital vs. analog, modes, interactivity, interfaces, screens, windows, translation, remediation, convergence, selection, composition, temporality, virtuality, cyberculture, web-based communities, and more. The intention of the project is journalistic. We seek to provide information, links, and references for these concepts, media, and other related-content without necessarily taking an opinionated stance. Of course, all presentation of information (its form and medium) is necessarily selective and, thus, may favor a certain perspective over another. However, we aim and promise to do our best to present information without an overt political, ideological, or biased agenda. We hope that this information will be useful for students and scholars of communication media, for consumers seeking more information, for citizens engaged in public deliberation, and even practitioners and producers of media-based products.

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